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Our benefit package lets your employees build wealth for the long-term, while becoming more educated on their finances

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Get access to over 10,000 North American stocks and ETFs

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Keep your money with your existing brokerages. No moving funds required.

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Get in-depth insights into how your portfolio is constructed to manage risk

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Tie into your existing brokerages

Automated Tracking

See how you perform in the real world with a paper portfolio

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Make Their Investments Work

Build a diverse portfolio that's unique to you. We understand no two investor is the same and you shouldn't be bucketed into a certain group

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Build or replicate a custom investment portfolio in a few clicks

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How do you get started investing? It's a difficult question for many. But why not see what your friends or professionals are doing for inspiration.

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  • Subscribe to friends
  • Use their portfolio for inspiration

Identify The Best Stocks To Invest In

We all have our own goals and interests, so why not find investments that work for you?

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  • Compile your portfolio

Who's The Best

See who's the best portfolio manager out of your friends by sharing and competing

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  • Track who has the best performance
Gain Financial Literacy

The Only Platform Making Your Employees More Informed

We empower individuals to take control of their investments, teaching them along the way.

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Analyze Your Portfolio's Risk

See your portfolio's risk score and make adjustments in seconds. Help prevent undue risk to your hard earned money

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income analysisperformance tracker

See What The Pros Are Doing

Test New Strategies With Paper Money

Get Inspired

Collaborative Investing At Your Fingerprints

Want to see what is Warren Buffett investing in and copy that for yourself easily?

Shareable Portfolios

We all ask ourselves, what are the best investments or how do I get started investing? Get inspiration through shared portfolios on Investipal

  • Live portfolio tracking
  • Easily add to your own portfolio
  • Get alerted of any changes in subscribed portfolios

Get Alerted

Monitoring your investment portfolios can be exhausting. Instead, set some alerts and get automatically notified across a range of different indicators

  • Portfolio returns
  • Portfolio volatility
  • Subscribed portfolio changes
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