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Investipal Launches Platform to Make Investing Easy for Everyone

Canadian fintech startup company Investipal has launched a novel platform to make investing in the stock market easy for everyone.

First-of-its-kind solution aims to tackle the problem of wealth staying in the hands of the wealthy by providing a transparent pocket portfolio manager: an all-in-one investment research, portfolio analytics, and sharing platform for new investors to gain confidence and take control of their financial futures

TORONTO, April 10, 2023 /CNW/ - Canadian fintech startup company Investipal has launched a novel platform to make investing in the stock market easy for everyone.

The first-of-its-kind solution offers transparency, education, and access to a toolkit typically only reserved for professional portfolio managers. Its proprietary algorithm scans the entire investment universe to deliver its clients bespoke investment themes to conduct their research and build their portfolio.

Investipal uniquely offers a "sharing" feature on its platform: clients can subscribe to other portfolios for inspiration – from personal friends to public figures and well-known investment experts like Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman, and Cathie Wood – to learn from the best.

Currently Investipal's clients are managing over $60 Million on the platform.

"I started Investipal to empower anyone to invest on their own," says Cameron Howe, co-founder and CEO. "As an investment analyst, I was constantly being asked by friends and advisors, what should I invest in? It's a simple question, but the answer is complex as everyone has unique constraints and interests. Investipal isn't another 'robo-advisor'; it acts as your personal guide by bringing you the knowledge you need and automates the part you would pay handsomely for – because that's the part of investing that helps weather the storms and where investing 'rookies' would not have the skill to manage a downturn."

Investipal clients can scan over 30 themes on the platform ranging from Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more, along with Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that fit their risk tolerance. Clients can select any stocks or ETFs they choose or take inspiration from others on the platform. Analytics are prominently showcased in an easy-to-understand format so clients can build a mock portfolio before committing real funds.

By keeping research on one platform, Investipal eliminates the need for clients to navigate multiple sources of information, which can be time-consuming and overwhelming especially for novice investors. This streamlined approach not only saves clients time and effort but also reduces the risk of misinformation or incomplete data.

Banks and financial services firms can leverage the Investipal platform as a white-label offering to educate and demystify the investing process, keeping clients engaged and loyal. 

For co-founder and CRO Abdi Jama, Investipal is also a platform that can help build generational family wealth by instilling knowledge, community, and trust.  

"Investipal helps first-generation immigrants and millennials invest in the stock market," says Jama. "It's easy to use and offers accessible investment options, which can democratize finance and provide opportunities for wealth creation for those who have historically been excluded from traditional investment channels. By empowering individuals to invest in stocks and other assets, Investipal can help people build wealth and create a legacy of generational prosperity. This platform has the potential to make a significant impact in North America and beyond."

Dan Priljeva, a capital markets veteran, sees enormous value in Investipal for the active investor, too, especially with its portfolio-sharing feature.

"I think this is the personal finance tool that a lot of people have been waiting for," says Priljeva. "It sits right at the sweet spot that gives more adventurous investors the tools to mimic a fund manager without paying big fees. I've shown this tool to a couple of pro investors and when they finished wiping the sweat forming on their brow, they agreed that this is exactly what the more active investor is missing from their tool belt. Given my background, I've had lots of my friends ask me what I'm invested in. Now I just invite them to view it on Investipal." 

To learn more about Investipal, visit their website.


Investipal, a Toronto-based fintech startup, has launched a first-of-its-kind solution that directly tackles the problem of wealth staying in the hands of the wealthy by providing a transparent "pocket portfolio manager" that guides even unseasoned investors, offering investment research, portfolio analytics, and a sharing platform that enables users to follow and replicate portfolios of well-known financial experts like Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman, and Cathie Wood, and its user-friendly interface and accessible investment options have the potential to democratize finance and lower the barriers to entry into the stock market, especially for first-generation immigrants and millennials.

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