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Morningstar is used to identify and research investments. But, if you want a platform that scores investments custom to you, and lets you build your own portfolio, Investipal is your best Morningstar alternative, all for free.

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We help everyday investors manage over $90M of their hard earned investments on our platform

dan headshot

Dan P.

I think this is the personal finance tool that a lot of people have been waiting for. It's sitting right at the sweet spot that gives more adventurous investors the tools to mimic a fund manager without paying their exorbitant fees. I've shown this tool to a couple of pro investors, they agreed that this is exactly what the more active investor is missing from their tool belt. Lookout FAs, Investipal is coming for you!

james headshot

James M.

This is an exciting and timely product. I think we are seeing a generational regime change in global credit liquidity. Chasing meme's is probably not going to be the best strategy going forward. In taking a global macro approach, I've looked to Investipal to quickly screen ETFs, allowing a setup that is looking resilient as the S&P bleeds.

george headshot

George P.

Great product for the common investor. Helps to close the gap between institutional and retail investors, giving common people a fighting chance.

madhurja headshot

Madhurja B.

Its an extremely useful software for anybody looking to start investing or for experienced investors. If you are new, I would recommend making a mock portfolio and playing around with different Mutual Funds & ETF’s on Investipal until you’re comfortable investing. Some other great key features is that you can share your portfolio with friends and family or follow famous investors trades, like Warren Buffet, Cathy Woods, etc. all these online investment brokerages lack so much utility but Investipal has you covered on your investing journey!

salina headshot

Salina G.

Easy to use and navigate, especially on the user interface side, plus the tips along the way is helpful for beginners.