Q1 Product Updates: Win More Business & Automate Your Back-Office

July 7, 2024
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Q1 Product Updates: Win More Business & Automate Your Back-Office

The role of the financial advisor has become increasingly complex. Clients demand holistic expertise, personalized support, and seamless connectivity. Meeting these evolving expectations while staying ahead of the competition is an ongoing battle.

We believe simplicity is the best way to combat complexity. Our mission is to provide advisors with a unified platform that aligns with their needs, empowering them to better serve their clients. From acquiring new customers to streamlining onboarding, managing portfolios, and delivering exceptional service, we're committed to helping advisors achieve more with less effort.

As we step into Q2, we're excited to highlight some of the key features we released over the past quarter, designed to simplify your workflows and enhance your practice's efficiency.

Here are the key highlights (TL;DR):

  • Our new 3-factor risk questionnaire delivers more value to prospects and advisors while helping convert more clients
  • Automated Investment Policy Statement (IPS) generation saves time while helping stay up-to-date with compliance
  • Automated proposal generation reduces administrative work while helping to win more business
  • Asset comparison, back-testing, and portfolio comparison tools help to make better investment decisions
  • Plus there’s plenty more features in the pipeline including automated compliance

Get more leads with our risk questionnaire

Our new 3-factor risk questionnaire helps attract qualified prospects while uncovering potential portfolio gaps. It evaluates risk tolerance, behavioral traits, and current holdings - delivering unique insights to both prospects and advisors.

Save time with automated IPS generation

Creating thorough Investment Policy Statements (IPSs) is crucial but time-consuming. Our automated IPS generator produces comprehensive IPSs in minutes, not hours, freeing you up for higher priorities while ensuring compliance.

Win more deals with automated proposal generation

Spend less time on proposals and more time closing deals. Our automated proposal generation tool reduces this tedious process by 90%, giving you a competitive edge to win more new business.

Plus, make smarter investment decisions

  • Asset Comparison: Compare investible assets instantly, uncover key insights, and act with confidence.
  • Back-Testing: Test strategies instantly to validate viability before implementation.
  • Portfolio Comparison: Showcase risk/return differences between portfolios to clients clearly.

And coming soon…

  • Automated Compliance: Our upcoming automated compliance feature provides real-time analysis to ensure you're always audit-ready, saving countless hours of manual effort.

Get more out of your tech stack

Advisors today need technologies that simplify their workflows, not add complexity. At Investipal, we're committed to developing solutions that help advisors grow their business, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional client experiences – all within a unified platform. If you're ready to unlock the full potential of your practice, reach out to us today and discover how Investipal can transform your business.

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