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Properly measuring your client’s risk and preparing analyses and proposals shouldn’t be so expensive, so why are you still paying an arm and a leg for Nitrogen (Riskalyze).

Here are a few reasons why financial advisors and planners decide to switch to Investipal (and why you might, too).

Let’s dive into the details…

Promote Your Own Brand, Not Your Vendor’s

Investipal provides a fully automated sales and onboarding process, white-labeled to your brand. By leveraging AI, it significantly reduces the time and manual effort required to generate leads, close and onboard new clients, allowing advisors to focus more on building relationships and less on paperwork.

Do in 1 day what used to take 1-3 weeks. eeks.

  • Our white-labeled lead magnet lives directly on your website: Generate more leads and provide more value to clients day one.
  • Detailed analytics and proposal generation: Close more clients on day-one with our instant portfolio analysis and proposal generation.
  • Automated data collection and extraction: upload client account statements to efficiently gather information, minimizing manual entry and errors.
  • Held-away account integration: integrate held-away portfolios to deliver holistic advice and grow wallet share.
  • Streamlined workflows: Guides both advisors and clients through the onboarding steps with ease.

Personalized Portfolio Management

Clients expect strategies tailored to their unique needs and goals. Whether it’s managing personalized portfolios or models, we’re set up to support both.

Investipal provides you with the data, tools and automations needed to quickly build and manage portfolios at scale.

  • Investment Research: whether stock, ETF or mutual fund, find and analyze the securities you need.
  • Risk Management: effectively manage risk at a portfolio-level with insights on exposure, correlations and more. Plus, rebalance with ease.
  • Optimization: easily backtest new strategies or leverage AI to minimize volatility, maximize Sharpe, reach target risk or return levels, and more.

Integrated AI-Powered Compliance

Wouldn’t it make sense for your portfolio management system to be integrated with compliance?

Investipal simplifies compliance with AI-driven documentation, allowing you to focus more on clients and less on paperwork.

  • Investment Policy Statements (IPS): use AI to generate custom household and account-level IPSs in seconds.
  • Optimization: easily backtest new strategies or leverage AI to minimize volatility, maximize Sharpe, reach target risk or return levels, and more.

Pay for what you use

Flat subscription-based pricing is outdated. Why accept a one-size-fits-all fee?

Our usage-based pricing model is fair, highly competitive, and ensures that you only pay for what you use. This flexible approach allows us to align more closely with your needs, offering better value and budget compatibility.

Better Support

Life is too short for poor support.

At Investipal, we understand that happy, successful customers starts with delivering a strong product experience and prioritizing quick, reliable and comprehensive support.

A True Partner

Looking for a tech partner that actually listens?

Our goal is to make your life easier. Have feedback, a need, or a suggestion about how we can better do so? We’re all ears. We actively listen and rapidly build. Our commitment to better serving you is our ultimate differentiator.

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