Wealth Management, Nvidia, Bitcoin & More with Douglas Boneparth

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Douglas Boneparth is the Founder and President of Bone Fide Wealth, a New York City-based wealth management firm dedicated to serving the city’s hardest-working young professionals. As a regular contributor to outlets like CNBC and WSJ and a financial educator with engagements at places like NYU and Fordham, he’s recognized as a Top 100 Financial Advisor. Alongside his wife, he helps couples talk about and navigate money through their newsletter, The Joint Account. And he’s a pretty prolific Twitter-er (X-er?), where over 250,000 people follow him for his market insights and memes.

In this episode, we discuss building a successful wealth management practice, the Magnificent 7, Nvidia and semiconductors, Bitcoin, and more.  

Please enjoy our conversation with Douglas Boneparth.


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Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction and Background

03:10 Creating a Financial Planning Practice for Millennials

06:18 The Market and the Magnificent 7

08:47 Market Breath and the Role of the Fed

12:13 The Semiconductor and AI Space

13:59 Diversification and the Risk to Index Investors

15:57 Bitcoin and the Launch of Bitcoin ETFs

18:24 Owning Bitcoin ETFs vs. Raw Bitcoin

23:53 Government Regulation and the Legitimization of Cryptocurrency

26:43 Financial Advisors and the Bitcoin ETF

28:15 The Future of Ethereum and NFTs

29:01 Conclusion and Where to Find Douglas Bonaparte

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