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Get Started with Short-Form Video as a Financial Advisor

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Learn the secrets of short-form video from the most successful CFP® professionals on social media, Nick Meyer, CFP® and Nate Hoskin, CFP®, AWMA of N2 Content Marketing (2 million+ followers, 450 million+ views) + how to screen, convert and onboard the leads you get from social media with Investipal.

This webinar will cover:

Why you NEED to embrace Short-Form Video. The numbers don't lie: financial advisors who don't leverage short-form video content will fall behind.

Exactly how to get started with Short-Form Video including an overview of the different platforms, profile setup best practices, what equipment you'll need, and more.

How to use Investipal's automations to increase conversions and free up time to create more content. Learn how Investipal makes it easy to qualify, convert and onboard the leads you'll receive from social media, shortening sales processes from the typical 1-3 weeks to 1 day.


Cameron Howe



Nick Meyer, CFP®


N2 Content Marketing

Nate Hoskin, CFP®, AWMA


N2 Content Marketing

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